Monday, August 30, 2010

Sliding Puzzle Pieces Collage

I love puzzle pieces and love to find ways to use. These pieces began as the old-timey Sliding Puzzles. You know that ones that have the numbers 1 - 10 and with the little hole on the bottom. As children and as we traveled back and forth across the country, my brothers and I played with these puzzles to pass the miles as they whirled by. I still love them.

For this artwork, I decided I would make each one different, trying different ways to cover the puzzle. For some, I used decorative napkins as the background. For others, I used plain white tissue paper and colored. I also tried using different glues. I actually found the easiest way to do this was to first cover the puzzle with white tissue using Mod Podge. I let it dry and then gently cut through the pieces. After that fully dried, I added more tissue or decorative napkin. By having cut through the first layer with the Xacto Knife, the 2nd layers was much easier.

As you will see, I wasn't concerned with covering up the numbers...some of the numbers underneath the tissue still show, but that was okay with me. I also wasn't concerned with adding objects to the top. A few of these actually have a glaze over them which gave the puzzles a sorta "old wall" look.

Finally, I painted an 8 X 10 art board with yellow and glued each one on. For the sides, I tore apart a puzzle and painted the individual pieces black and glued on the sides.

Hope you Enjoy!

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

2011 Calendar Swap - The Angel Company

Each year, Kathleen Buchanan, hosts a Calendar Swap for The Angel Company Demonstrators. I always have a great time creating pages for her swap and enjoy having the calendar on display all year long. I try to join as many Calendars as I can and this year I joined three. My months were July, September and July. All stamps are from The Angel Company's new catalog!

For September, selected the new stamp set called "Art Gave Her Wings." I also tied in that September is National Literacy Month. 

For the first July, I selected the "Camping" Stamp set.  I love to camp and July is National Parks & Recreation Month so that worked out well.

July the 2nd July, "FLY" is my stamp set and I love this set.  I used some moire ribbon that I have had for a long time.

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