Saturday, May 31, 2008

Altered Paper Mache Angels

Using paper mache Angel figures purchased from Oriental Trading Company, I coated with White Spray Gesso by Krylon. After letting that dry, the fun began. But, first I trimmed the Angel's hands. I didn't like the shape--thought they were too long.

Then for the first one, I sprayed the Angel with Willow Walnut Ink--heat set, and then sprayed with Terra Cotta. It took a long time for the Walnut Ink to dry even with a heat gun. And, then I discovered that the Walnut Inks grew lighter! Oh Well. Moving on, I reduced the size of the wings and made a template.

Using old music textbooks pages, I stamped the wings and the skirt piece then attached to the Angel. This Angel has a fiber halo with some scrapper's floss and a rose to hold. For Blue Bird Angel, I painted the sprayed gesso paper first with Quacker Grey acrlyic paint and then blended in French Blue. All the stamping on the music paper was stamped with the French Blue and then highlighted with Glacier Blue Opalite ink. The little tite she is holding is stamped on a game tile with Stazon.
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

From the Library Lounge Car:Vintage Advertisements 1923

Holeproof Hosiery Company -Milwaukee, Wisconsin
"Women of Fashion prefer Holeproof Hosiery because it is beautiful --- sheer--- exquisite." Photoplay Magazine March, 1923
I am collector of anything that is old books. I am captivated by the engraving, the words, the illustrations, the line drawings, the colors, the paper--just everything. Recently, I have been collecting old magazines and have had the good fortune of finding some old film related magazines. The magazines I have collected so far are mainly in black and white but many of the advertisements are in color and are just beautiful.

I am sharing some of these advertisements with you. Please feel free to upload the photos for your personal use. Sometimes, "altering an ad" into something more current is great fun! If you do this from one of these, please share. I will be sharing more pages from these magazines over time so please stop back by, take in the seat in The ArTTrain's library lounge and enjoy the ride.

"My wife asked me to do this"
Palmolive Shampoo
by V. K. Cassady, B.S., M.S., Chief Chemist
Photoplay Magazine
September, 1923

"The Net of the Life-Like Lustre"
Gainsborough Genuine Hair Net
The Lyman Bros. & Co. Canada
Photoplay Magazine
September, 1923

" A Clean Tooth
Never Decays"
Tooth Brush Vintage Advertisement
Florence Manufacturing Company
Florence, Mass
Photoplay Magazine
March, 1923

Sunday, May 18, 2008

6 X 6 Art Canvas: Inspired by Angela Cartwright

At the Art & Soul Retreat in Asilomar, California, this year, I took a class from Angela Cartwright entitled, "Working Small in a Big Way." We spent the morning making textured backgrounds and in the afternoon we began building a piece of art on a stretched 6 X 6 canvas using "inchies" we had created. This piece is totally inspired by Angela's class.
Instead of using "inchies" this time, I wanted to make a wall hanging for my black and white kitchen with some favorite quotes. To begin, I painted the entire canvas with Black Gesso. While that was drying, I stamped my pieces on Karen Foster scrapbook paper with Versamark and embossed in Black.
The original class we covered the entire 6 X 6 front with the inchies by gluing each piece down with a glue stick. Then, after we glued all the inchies down, we took a glue stick and went around each piece and then sprinkled embossing powder between each piece. For this piece I wanted to try something a little different. So, instead of covering the entire surface, I left open areas between the quotes and medallions. I used a quick dry Tacky Glue that comes in a slender tube with a pointy top. This really worked great for the glue around the edges for the embossing.

After each stamped piece was glued down, I ran a medium strip of glue around each piece edge and the sprinkled black embossing powder. This really gives alot of depth to the project. (If following the original class, I would have black embossed every open surface.) The edges of the canvas are also decorated with the paper and more quotes so you see something from every side. This class was lots of fun!
Posted by PicasaThank you, Angela, for a great class and for this inspiration!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Puzzle 2008

Happy Mother's Day! I made this wooden puzzle using 1 inch square blocks. Taking old photographs of my siblings and using a 1 inch on the computer, I printed the photos and then glued to the blocks, cutting the overall picture with an Xcto knife placing on the block and then finally coating each block with ModPodge glossy. Each of the six sides has a puzzle. I made a little booklet with a copy of each finished puzzle.
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

One Last Camellia

I have a beautiful Camellia bush that has grown into a tree outside my backdoor. Each year, the camellias bloom just like clockwork right about Christmas Day. They are a gorgeous color. This, I think, is the last one for the season. I will miss them!
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ms. Trish, ListMom for Next Generation Stamps, challenges her Yahoogroup members with background techniques. This week for the Background Noise Challenge it was the Shaving Creme Technique. But, instead of using Shaving Creme, use Mousse! Well, I didn't have any mousse so Shaving Creme it was for me. This particular technique brings back many fond memories for me since it was the VERY first technique I learned. I enjoyed it then and enjoyed even more this time. In addition to smooshing cardstock into the creme mixture, I also smooshed on see through fabric so I would coordinating fabric to make ribbons and what not. The fabric smooshing was done after I did the cardstock. By the way, the fabric was free! I went to a blind and window shop owner and asked if she had any sample books. Well, I came home with 30 books with fabulous fabrics---silks, brocades, cottons, sheers, heavy fabric...I couldn't believe it. Ask around!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lunch Box Assemblage

I started with one of those white lunch boxes. I 've forgotten who makes them and even where I purchased---I've had for over two years! I made this for my middle brother who turns 58 on Wednesday. I used anything I could find---some very old, rusty stuff given to me by a friend from an old barn, crushed beer bottle tops (that my brother gave me!), handmade papers, model magic, jute, rubber lace and stamping on acetate. Lots of E600 on this one--just hope the chain stays on there!
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Recycling Project #2: Contact Lens Supplies

Do you wear contacts? Or, know someone who does? Save the supplies and recycle! I wear Bausch&Lomb lenses which come packaged in the clear plastic cases shown and the saline solution comes with the blue and white cases. What do I do with these? I use the clear plastic cases for mixing paints of all kinds, as a holder for glue or small objects..just about anything. For the storage lens case, I use for travelling. If I need just a little bit of something, I pour into the case, i.e., perfect pearls, glitter, gold leaf, paints, etc., etc.. These cases are pretty airtight, but I strongly recommend placing anything liquid when travelling in a plastic baggie. What else can we do with these??

Remember to Recycle! It's a good thing!
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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Design Elements: Irish Collages

These are some of the elements I used for the two Irish Collages. Some of them were downloaded as PDF files and not as JPEGs.
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Irish Sheet Music & Postcard Collages

I made these two collages using vintage sheet music illustrated covers, one vintage postcard and one Dover design. Each of these is created using four different sources and each has at least 9 elements layed out and glued down. I found a really neat website that has vintage sheet music. It is the Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Collection. Visit Johns Hopkins University Collection Its site linked another consortium of vintage sheet music at the University of Southern California, Visit UCLA consortium This was lots of fun and would love to creat some more but I need to do some chores!
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