Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ms. Trish, ListMom for Next Generation Stamps, challenges her Yahoogroup members with background techniques. This week for the Background Noise Challenge it was the Shaving Creme Technique. But, instead of using Shaving Creme, use Mousse! Well, I didn't have any mousse so Shaving Creme it was for me. This particular technique brings back many fond memories for me since it was the VERY first technique I learned. I enjoyed it then and enjoyed even more this time. In addition to smooshing cardstock into the creme mixture, I also smooshed on see through fabric so I would coordinating fabric to make ribbons and what not. The fabric smooshing was done after I did the cardstock. By the way, the fabric was free! I went to a blind and window shop owner and asked if she had any sample books. Well, I came home with 30 books with fabulous fabrics---silks, brocades, cottons, sheers, heavy fabric...I couldn't believe it. Ask around!


Carol said...

Great idea to make coordinating ribbon!!! Love seeing the good messy fun you had.

Trish Bee said...

GORGEOUSNESS INDEED! I love your backgrounds :)