Sunday, March 9, 2008

Recycling Project #2: Contact Lens Supplies

Do you wear contacts? Or, know someone who does? Save the supplies and recycle! I wear Bausch&Lomb lenses which come packaged in the clear plastic cases shown and the saline solution comes with the blue and white cases. What do I do with these? I use the clear plastic cases for mixing paints of all kinds, as a holder for glue or small objects..just about anything. For the storage lens case, I use for travelling. If I need just a little bit of something, I pour into the case, i.e., perfect pearls, glitter, gold leaf, paints, etc., etc.. These cases are pretty airtight, but I strongly recommend placing anything liquid when travelling in a plastic baggie. What else can we do with these??

Remember to Recycle! It's a good thing!
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