Wednesday, May 21, 2008

From the Library Lounge Car:Vintage Advertisements 1923

Holeproof Hosiery Company -Milwaukee, Wisconsin
"Women of Fashion prefer Holeproof Hosiery because it is beautiful --- sheer--- exquisite." Photoplay Magazine March, 1923
I am collector of anything that is old books. I am captivated by the engraving, the words, the illustrations, the line drawings, the colors, the paper--just everything. Recently, I have been collecting old magazines and have had the good fortune of finding some old film related magazines. The magazines I have collected so far are mainly in black and white but many of the advertisements are in color and are just beautiful.

I am sharing some of these advertisements with you. Please feel free to upload the photos for your personal use. Sometimes, "altering an ad" into something more current is great fun! If you do this from one of these, please share. I will be sharing more pages from these magazines over time so please stop back by, take in the seat in The ArTTrain's library lounge and enjoy the ride.

"My wife asked me to do this"
Palmolive Shampoo
by V. K. Cassady, B.S., M.S., Chief Chemist
Photoplay Magazine
September, 1923

"The Net of the Life-Like Lustre"
Gainsborough Genuine Hair Net
The Lyman Bros. & Co. Canada
Photoplay Magazine
September, 1923

" A Clean Tooth
Never Decays"
Tooth Brush Vintage Advertisement
Florence Manufacturing Company
Florence, Mass
Photoplay Magazine
March, 1923

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