Saturday, May 31, 2008

Altered Paper Mache Angels

Using paper mache Angel figures purchased from Oriental Trading Company, I coated with White Spray Gesso by Krylon. After letting that dry, the fun began. But, first I trimmed the Angel's hands. I didn't like the shape--thought they were too long.

Then for the first one, I sprayed the Angel with Willow Walnut Ink--heat set, and then sprayed with Terra Cotta. It took a long time for the Walnut Ink to dry even with a heat gun. And, then I discovered that the Walnut Inks grew lighter! Oh Well. Moving on, I reduced the size of the wings and made a template.

Using old music textbooks pages, I stamped the wings and the skirt piece then attached to the Angel. This Angel has a fiber halo with some scrapper's floss and a rose to hold. For Blue Bird Angel, I painted the sprayed gesso paper first with Quacker Grey acrlyic paint and then blended in French Blue. All the stamping on the music paper was stamped with the French Blue and then highlighted with Glacier Blue Opalite ink. The little tite she is holding is stamped on a game tile with Stazon.
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