Sunday, May 18, 2008

6 X 6 Art Canvas: Inspired by Angela Cartwright

At the Art & Soul Retreat in Asilomar, California, this year, I took a class from Angela Cartwright entitled, "Working Small in a Big Way." We spent the morning making textured backgrounds and in the afternoon we began building a piece of art on a stretched 6 X 6 canvas using "inchies" we had created. This piece is totally inspired by Angela's class.
Instead of using "inchies" this time, I wanted to make a wall hanging for my black and white kitchen with some favorite quotes. To begin, I painted the entire canvas with Black Gesso. While that was drying, I stamped my pieces on Karen Foster scrapbook paper with Versamark and embossed in Black.
The original class we covered the entire 6 X 6 front with the inchies by gluing each piece down with a glue stick. Then, after we glued all the inchies down, we took a glue stick and went around each piece and then sprinkled embossing powder between each piece. For this piece I wanted to try something a little different. So, instead of covering the entire surface, I left open areas between the quotes and medallions. I used a quick dry Tacky Glue that comes in a slender tube with a pointy top. This really worked great for the glue around the edges for the embossing.

After each stamped piece was glued down, I ran a medium strip of glue around each piece edge and the sprinkled black embossing powder. This really gives alot of depth to the project. (If following the original class, I would have black embossed every open surface.) The edges of the canvas are also decorated with the paper and more quotes so you see something from every side. This class was lots of fun!
Posted by PicasaThank you, Angela, for a great class and for this inspiration!

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