Saturday, March 8, 2008

Irish Sheet Music & Postcard Collages

I made these two collages using vintage sheet music illustrated covers, one vintage postcard and one Dover design. Each of these is created using four different sources and each has at least 9 elements layed out and glued down. I found a really neat website that has vintage sheet music. It is the Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Collection. Visit Johns Hopkins University Collection Its site linked another consortium of vintage sheet music at the University of Southern California, Visit UCLA consortium This was lots of fun and would love to creat some more but I need to do some chores!
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Artlab said...

WOW- awesome!!!!! Thank you for sharing- they send my Irish roots a tingling!

Susie said...

These are really wonderful. I love the looks you combined to create such a cohesive whole. Thank you for sharing AND for the sources.

chrissy said...

These are beautiful Marian. Your artwork always has a professional look to it.

Stacie said...

Very nice Marian. I agree with Susie- a cohesive whole!